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FCTA Demolition Task Force, police officer, assaulted by Hoodlums.

FCTA Demolition Task Force, police officer, assaulted by Hoodlums.

Suspected hoodlums attacked officials of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Development Control attached to the Demolition Task Force team who went to Gaduwa community in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) to mark some unlawful houses popping up in the neighborhood for demolition.

The officials, who were aggressively resisted and attacked by people using hazardous weapons on Thursday, suffered a variety of injuries and were held captive for several hours.

Following a quick response by the FCT Police Command’s rescue squad, commanded by Deputy Commissioner of Police for Operations, Bernard Igwe, the injured officials and some of the attackers were evacuated to the hospital, while the officials held hostage were eventually released.

Senior Special Assistant on Monitoring, Inspection, and Enforcement to FCT Minister, Ikharo Attah, while commending some youths, who helped in calming the situation and worked towards the release of the hostages, noted that for the quick intervention of the reinforced rescue team, the miscreants would have unleash more mayhem on the team.

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“I was sent somewhere by the Minister and before I could I arrive the scene the Police officer who was badly injured on the head and others had been rushed to hospital.

“Those who were held hostage were rescued by a rescue team led by DCP Bernard Igwe. The area where the indigenous people stay was not marked. The Police will determine what happens to those who were arrested,” he said.

One of the officials, who were held hostage and the leader of the Development Control officials, Kalu Amadi, said the experience was horrific and may take some time for him to overcome the psychological trauma.

Amadi, who was allegedly stripped half-naked, explained that the attackers refused to hear that he was on official duty, and almost kill him.

An indigenous youth, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said there were few houses owned by some indigenes in the areas marked illegal expansion within the community. He noted that the place is largely occupied by settlers whom he pleaded should be allowed to live with them.

He also revealed that a man and a lady who sustained injuries in the conflict had also been rushed to the hospital.

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