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Drone pilot arrested for Unauthorized use of a drone to capture pastor’s residence, church.

Drone pilot arrested for Unauthorized use of a drone to capture pastor’s residence, church.

Police in Enugu State apprehended a suspected spying drone pilot over the weekend in Alor Unor, Nsukka Local Government Area of the state, for reportedly recording a cleric’s residence.

Michael Ali, a resident of Aguibeje in Enugu State’s Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area, claimed he was recording the cleric’s home for a documentary and was working on the Nsukka landscape.

He explained that he chose to stay in the jungle to manage his drone because he was learning how to fly it, and that focusing his equipment on the cleric’s home and church building was a mistake.

However, Pastor Chikammadu Eze, the General Overseer of Highway to Grace Assembly, expressed surprise at seeing a drone hovering about his compound and above his church structure.

He claimed he kept an eye on the drone only to discover that the suspect, Ali, had hidden in a bush near his home and was controlling it from there.

Drone pilot
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At this moment, he alerted his family, who gathered around him to ensure that the suspect did not go until police arrived and caught him.

“I was astonished to hear the sound of a drone camera floating about my house and church building as I got out of my bedroom.” “I checked everywhere but couldn’t find the pilot,” Eze explained.

“After a few minutes, the operator began recalling the drone, and I followed the direction only to discover the operator (Ali) hiding in a neighbouring bush outside my church compound.” I apprehended the operator (Ali) and promptly contacted Nsukka Area Command police.”

He praised the officers for responding quickly and arresting the offender and transporting him to the station.

Eze promised to take Ali to court because he said the suspect was out to harm his family and the church.

“If Ali had no bad purpose as he claims now, why didn’t he inform me before capturing images of my church, family, and personal photo with his drone?” he wondered.

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