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Wellness, Polo city broach new housing deal in Lagos

A comprehensive new initiative unveiled last week to provide luxury lifestyle destinations and eco-friendly private residential development in a natural environment is promising an ambitious new deal for a town project in Epe, Lagos.

The scope of the scheme is still being unveiled, as it anticipates being the best destination for work and play upon completion. Known as ISIMI Lagos, the project is situated on 124 hectares of land and on the Northside of the Lekki Lagoon. It will be accessible via land, water, or air as the resort will house a helipad and jetty.

Promoted by LandWey Investment Limited, the scheme is planned to be a meeting point, the confluence between technology, architecture, and nature. The Isimi is derived from a Yoruba word that translates to peace of mind.

The city will have five mini estates called clusters, each with a lakeside view. The resort will also have a school, hospital, farm, and restaurant.

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Already, work has begun on the site and the first phase of the housing project will be delivered in five months. Landwey is handling the project, but currently engaging potential contractors and consultants in various capacities.

“ISIMI Lagos will dramatically alter what we currently consider the norm in Lagos,” said LandWey Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Olawale Ayilara. “It will be a living experience like none other. As soon as you walk in, you’ll just be able to feel your stress melt away.”

According to Ayilara, “the nature-inspired model of ISIMI not only lays the foundation for the economic development of the Lagos metropolis, but it also signals a move towards turning Nigeria into a new international destination on the continent’s tourist map.”

He said: “In a city that thrives majorly on a teeming population and vibrant demography, the project presents a timely invention and escape from the hustle and bustle of Lagos living.”

Senior officials of the company, also explained that the scheme offers both work and living spaces emboldened with high-speed internet and uninterrupted power to boost the efficiency of the residents, and an eco-friendly transportation system – with hybrid electric vehicles and bicycles for an active lifestyle.

The proposed scheme will include high choice properties with renewable energy, plus an animal conservation park, golf course, recreational centre, tech valley, forestry, farm shop, spa, hiking paths, and gym facilities.

Apart from the endless opportunities, the scheme plans to provide standard polo turf with a stable that houses some of the world’s best horses and provides a state-of-the-art riding experience.

Characterised by a theme of wellness and picturesque scenery, the new city also promises to be family-friendly with an all-natural lake, which can be used for family-oriented activities such as kayaking, picnics, and outdoor playdates.

“With a remarkable diverse lifestyle within nature and an ecosystem to meet high-quality life in addition to a large-scale and world-class hospitality industry, the projects will not be merely a recreational location but a top city, business, and luxury product in Nigeria,” he said.

Source: Guardian

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