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Okpoko Clean Up: Anambra Govt Embarks On Demolition Of Slums

Okpoko Clean Up: Anambra Govt Embarks On Demolition Of Slums

Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, has started cleaning up Okpoko, a densely inhabited slum in the state’s Ogbaru Local Government Council, as promised before his inauguration.

Prof. Soludo promised to clean up and modernize the slum and other regions around Onitsha during his election campaign, and he reiterated this during his inauguration.


He rolled up his sleeves last week and got to work cleaning up the area, improving the environment, and clearing blocked drainages so that water could find its level and flow into the Niger River.

Past governors’ efforts to clean up Okpoko were thwarted because they lacked the fortitude to demolish the many residences built on drainages. Previous attempts to clean up the slum had always been thwarted by the powerful and wealthy owners of the dwellings.

It’s now up to Soludo to decide whether he’ll give in to them this time or work to clean up the slum and make it a better place to live. And he would undoubtedly enjoy widespread support from residents and a larger number of Anambra people in his efforts to make Okpoko a better place once and for all.

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