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Looming population explosion may render people homeless – Expert

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A Kaduna based lawyer and housing estate management expert, Dr. Reuben Atabo has called on the Federal Government to ensure proper housing scheme policy that will guarantee houses for all citizens, otherwise many will be homeless due to looming population explosion in the country.

Dr. Atabo noted that with the current projected 200 million population of Nigeria, there may be housing deficit for the people if government does not takebproactivr measures to address the problem.

The legal practitioner stated this while responding to questions from journalists shortly after his housing estate was commissioned in Kamazou area of Kaduna city at the weekend, by Pastor Abel Dingamaji of the living Faith Church, Kaduna.

Declaring the estate named Ojonugwa housing estate opened, Kaduna State resident Pastor Dingamaji prayed to God for the owner to reap the benefit of the estate and bless the guests on the occasion with resources to embark on similar project.

According to Atabo, “I advise the Federal government to design housing policy that will meet the housing need of the people, otherwise. With the population explosion, there will be a lot of socio-economic problems very soon in the country.

“And many people will be out of homes, sleeping under bridges, which is not good for the image of our country. So I also call on individuals whom God has blessed to come to the housing need of the people by providing houses at affordable prices or rates.

“It is unfortunate that Nigeria did not live to her responsibility of providing affordable houses to her citizens right from when we gained independent till date. Government failed to design proper housing policy to meet the need of the people.

“However, I wish to point out that government was trying to pay attention to the housing need of the people during the administration of former President  Aliyu Shehu Shagari, but unfortunately, his government was short lived, and the successive governments abandoned the project.

“At that time, in every State, you can see low cost housing estate by Shagari government. In Kaduna, for example, we have Shagari low cost houses in Barnawa area of Kaduna. Today, no government is talking about housing scheme for the citizens, and that is a big problem looking us on the face.

“Today, we are talking of about 200 million population of Nigerians, and in the next 20 to 30 years, the population may rise to 300 to 400 million people. That will be a serious population explosion, and it will not be good for the country if there no proper housing policy design to meet the housing need of the people.

“I personally acquired this place about  20 years ago because of the burning desire in me to provide affordable houses for members of the public, but each time I wanted to develop it, the perennial Kaduna crisis would discourage me.

“But thank God, the project has become a reality today, and I boldly dedicate it to God Almighty for His love and mercy over me.

“I  am giving out the houses, a block of 15 Flats, at affordable prices despite the fact that they are fixed with modern indoor facilities, including 24 hours water supply and power generation”.

Source: Leadership

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