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Gwarinpa Residents plead as FCTA prepares to tear down more homes.

Gwarinpa Residents plead as FCTA prepares to tear down more homes.

After more properties were scheduled for demolition, residents of 211 Christian Corner Shop in Gwarinpa pleaded with the Federal Government to protect their homes.

Due to obstruction, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) razed many residences along the waterway on April 21.

Many homeowners alleged bulldozers and FCTA operators went up ‘unexpectedly’ to demolish their homes, according to this website.

Many residents claimed they were given very little notice to evacuate. Residents were instructed to vacate the region twice, once in 2019 and again on March 18, 2022, according to information obtained.

However, it was discovered that more homes had been identified and that certain conspicuous constructions and pathway extensions had been requested to be demolished.

Oluwatoyin, whose house was marked for removal, spoke with our correspondent. He revealed that FCTA operatives had returned to the region to mark leisure establishments.

“They also put a notice on 1105 (a nearby leisure business) that they are going to demolish it.” Our chairman, who is also the owner of 211 Christian Corner, pleaded with them, but they refused.

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“What we are hearing now is that this place has already been sold. Come to think of it, when they first brought the letter in March, they said they would demolish 10 meters away from the waterway, But the place they demolish is more than 30 meters from the waterway. So, they have rendered some people homeless since yesterday.”

Oluwatoyin stated that the destruction had an impact on him, and that he was concerned about burglars stealing his belongings.

Another resident identified as Bunmi said, “I really don’t know what is going on and they just want to frustrate us here. We moved into this place in February and we paid N550,000, and on Thursday they came to destroy houses on the other side. They told us they won’t come to our place only for them to come from nowhere on Friday to mark and we were not expecting them. I am so confused right now; they want to frustrate us in this country. My husband is not around, and I don’t know where to go with my children.”

The mother of three, as well as Oluwatoyin, pleaded with the government to spare their homes from demolition because they have nowhere else to go.

AIHS 2022

We attempted to contact Ikharo Attah, FCT Minister’s Senior Special Assistant on Monitoring, Inspection, and Enforcement, for comment on the destruction and to learn the reasons for the extension, but he did not respond to texts or phone calls.

Remember that the impacted area was a flood region that was initially left open in the event of any flooding, according to FCTA Muktar Galadima, Director of Development Control Department.

He pointed out that the constructions slated for removal were encroaching on the waterway’s lanes.


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