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Affordable Housing: How AHCN Can Become Key Players 

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Housing corporations would need to embark on strategic initiatives to become key players in affordable housing delivery on an unprecedented and sustainable large scale in Nigeria.

According to the Founder/President, of First World Communities Ltd, Brig. Gen. P.M.O. Reis (rtd), the strategic initiatives must be centered on the creation of an enabling environment, promotion of research and advocacy, and development of business support.

Besides, he said the housing corporations would need to modernize for effectiveness.

In his paper: “Re-defining Housing Corporations For Solving The Housing Deficit in Nigeria”, which was delivered recently during the 6th International Conference of the Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria (AHCN) in Lagos, Reis urged the association to develop a vision of the future, reposition and promote housing corporations.

As part of enabling the environment’s creation, he urged the group to develop and promote new models for delivering affordable world-class homes and improving existing homes

According to him, map out the potential and influence land release and planning policy, adding that housing corporations should develop an effective and sustainable rent policy.

“Improve political interest and support for housing to ensure that it features prominently in election manifestos.

“Influence the allocation of resources to house in the state and Federal Budgets; build public support for house building,” he said.

Reis also urged them to promote through research, education, forum, and other appropriate means, the development of housing units. He called for the establishment of standards for the operation of housing corporations that will assure maximum long-term benefits to customers and sustain corporations.

He said “Research and highlight the implications of the sale of Federal Government’s properties and low fiscal allocation on housing corporations
“Ensure employment and skills programs can be accessed and delivered by housing corporations; influence state and Federal Budget allocations and election manifestos; demonstrate the socio-economic value and impact of housing corporations.”

On business support, the founder/ president of first world communities wants AHCN to develop an evidence base and plan for the impact of budgetary constraints/macroeconomy on housing corporations.

“Secure asset management flexibility for housing corporations; influence financial standards and fiscal policy; support effective governance and influence future regulatory legislation or policy; promote the viability and effectiveness of housing corporations.

“Develop for adoption by all members, National House Building Standards and Home Insurance products. Map the emergence of a wider range of networks of funders and stakeholders; and promote the highest ethics in the development and management of housing estates.”

HDAN condemns illegal deduction of 40percent of NHF contributions and other payments by FG.
HDAN condemns illegal deduction of 40percent of NHF contributions and other payments by FG.

Reis enjoined the association to explore new ways to work together to achieve better impact, urging housing corporations to conduct and implement a comprehensive business strategy review, and manage assets and resources more efficiently.

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