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Support locally produced goods, NOA advises Nigerians.

Support locally produced goods, NOA advises Nigerians.

NOA encourages Nigerians to support locally produced goods to assist the economy recover. Charles Nwoji, the State Director of the National Orientation Agency (NOA) in Anambra State, has urged Nigerians to abandon their predilection for imported commodities in favor of locally produced goods.

Mr Nwoji made the announcement at a news conference in Awka on Wednesday.

He highlighted patronizing locally created products over international equivalents as a strategic way to support local businesses while simultaneously growing the economy.

Any nation’s economy, he claims, advances swiftly when residents promote and patronize locally produced goods and services.

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“If the people are confident and proud of their products and services, a nation must first patronize its own products to expand its economy,” he said.

According to him, the NOA has been conducting public awareness campaigns to encourage people to buy local products.

Mr Nwoji stated that a long-term national campaign, as well as ongoing sensitization and re-orientation of Nigerians, particularly in Anambra, is required to shift their attitudes toward locally produced goods.

He stated that the country required “strong advocacy” to “revitalize the moribund industries in order to provide job opportunities and restore Nigeria’s pride as a nation.”

In the long run, he claims, the effort will improve the country’s foreign reserves and foster the Nigerian character.

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“They say charity begins at home, and no nation can prosper if its economy is reliant on foreign goods and services,” he remarked.

He defined developed countries as those with economies that are primarily oriented on production.

Most Nigerians, he claims, suffer from the desire-for-foreign-goods syndrome as a result of societal symbols and the assertion that foreign products are superior to their locally-made counterparts.

Mr Nwoji believes that, while the allegation may not be entirely correct, abandoning locally produced goods in favor of imported goods is concerning and economically risky.

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“Worst of all, producers have resorted to false branding of their products with foreign labels and tags in response to the trend.”

“This translates to giving credit to other countries for high-quality Nigerian products,” he explained.

He claimed that identity theft could result in capital flight and a drop in the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

Mr. Nwoji stated that NOA was prepared to continue encouraging Nigerian manufacturers to be proud of their own products.

“Our indigenous producers must display Nigerian products and services in an appropriate and advantageous manner to the rest of the globe,” he remarked.

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