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Residents claim Abeokuta is overflowing with garbage.

Residents claim Abeokuta is overflowing with garbage.

Residents of Abeokuta in Ogun State have expressed worries over the indiscriminate dumping of refuse on major streets across the metropolis.

The residents include those living at Lafenwa, Adatan, Itoku, Ake, Itoko, Sapon, Isale Igbein, Panseke, Kuto, Abiola Way, Ijaye, among others.

When our correspondent went round the city, there were heaps of refuse at major roads in the city.

Olaoye Adeyemi, a resident of Adatan, said they are already planning a protest, describing the refusal of the government to pack the refuse as ‘wickedness’.

“These people do not even consider our health,” Mr Adeyemi said.

“I can’t imagine how they are feeling comfortable in their offices over there, while the state is this dirty.

“We used to have government trucks come to pack these wastes whenever they are dropped in the same designated places (I mean the roads side), where it has now been abandoned for over a month .

“That has been the practice since the last administration.”

Biyi Sowole, a resident of Adigbe, said she is disappointed with the government’s handling of refuse disposal and management in the state.

“The sight of refuse in Ogun State recently is disgusting,” said Mrs Sowole, an administrator.

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“For months now, it’s been a gory sight.

“Considering that this is not the Ogun State we used to know. I reached out to OGWAMA on social media and all they kept dishing out were excuses upon excuses as to why they have failed in their primary role and assignment.”

She said she had not seen a refuse disposal truck in her area in a long while.

“They have not picked up anything in months,” Mrs Sowole said.

“The front of every house is littered with waste, yet they clamour for legal disposal of our waste. How are we supposed to dispose them? Put them in our rooms?”

A trader at Ibereko market who identified himself simply as Lamidi, lamented the situation at the market where he sells, appealing to government to do something as quickly as possible.

“The waste increases by the day, people continue to bring waste at night because they can’t continue to keep them at home any longer.

“Breeze is already blowing them into the gutters and if erosion wreck havoc, the government will start blaming the residents.”

Ope Adebayo, a real estate developer, called on government to rise up to its responsibility.

“Everywhere stinks today in Abeokuta, and it’s sad that we are comfortable with it,” he said.

“I believe there will be serious health implications if something is not done quickly. God forbid there is another outbreak in the city.”

The Special Adviser to the governor on Environment, Ola Oresanya, blamed the residents for dumping refuse on the road.

He said the government has always told residents to keep refuse at their doorsteps, from where they would be picked up by waste collectors.

“There is nowhere in the world where refuse are dumped on the road,” Mr Oresanya said.

“It shows our attitude toward infrastructures. I mean, how can billions of naira be used to construct roads and the only thing our people could do is to put refuse on it?

“This is only happening in Abeokuta because some other parts of the state are cleaner and we have started sending people out to arrest offenders and make them sweep the road. Some are changing, while some are recalcitrant.

“We are working round the clock, in fact, we sweep at night to ensure that the state is clean and we won’t relent until that is achieved.”

Source- Premium Times

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