Novarick Homes unveils affordable eco-friendly homes for bourgeois home buyers

Due to the rise in climate change, an increase in the need for more eco-friendly environments has sprung up, many industries are beginning to reduce their carbon footprint by adopting green solutions. Novarick Homes is one of the major companies implementing the development of greener and smarter communities in the Nigerian real estate industry.

Novarick Homes and Properties Limited, a real estate firm championing the crisis of high-priced Nigerian homes by providing full-proof solutions to Nigerian housing challenges, recently launched Ruby Apartments, a solar-powered residential apartment with a favourable payment plan for bourgeois home buyers.

When interviewed during the launch of Ruby Apartments, the CEO of Novarick Homes, Noah Ibrahim, stated that the initiative was born from the need to help middle-class citizens choose a more environmentally-conscious option.

Ruby Apartments is easily accessible as it is strategically positioned in the heart of Lekki. Located at Ologolo community, Lekki, Lagos State, it is a five-minute drive to the Lekki Expressway and in close proximity to Lekki Phase 1, Circle Mall, Elegushi Beach, Chevron, First City Hospital, Film House Cinema, and so much more.

In his statement, Ibrahim mentioned that Ruby Apartments features smart metering, pre-installed solar panels, a secure complex, inverters, a gym, well-paved interlocked compounds and 24-hour water and power supply. Additionally, Ruby Apartments comes with Governor’s consent.

He explained that although the initiative was conceived to help the average Nigerian home owners.

Ruby Apartments is also open to investors, government institutions, cooperative societies, private companies and individuals searching for prime community development with renewable energy power supply, eco-friendly serene environment as well as attractive returns of up to 15 percent-30 percent interest rates.

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With a flexible payment plan spread across six months, 12 months or 18 months, the average Nigerian can own a unit of Ruby Apartments with a down payment of just N5 million.

Investors are instantly given allocation to their unit alongside every necessary document.