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Norway Offers Skilled workers Entry Visa Application For Residence Permit.

People from outside the EU/EEA are welcome to apply for a residence permit in Norway (previously known as a work permit). A residence visa may be required depending on your degree of expertise and the type of work you’ll be conducting in Norway.

This permit is for skilled workers, seasonal workers, self-employed persons, or employees in humanitarian, non-profit, or religious organizations.

Norway is a Scandinavian country in Europe with Oslo as its capital. The population is around 5.5 million, and English is the most widely spoken language aside from Norwegian. Other interesting facts are,  98% of the country is powered by hydroelectric power plants, the Nobel Peace Prize happens to be awarded in Oslo and the country is known for skiing, fishing, and hiking.

Most of its populace is gainfully employed. Regardless, Norway has room for skilled workers in different high-demand sectors of its economy. Foreigners who possess these in-demand skills stand a good chance of getting in.

Entry visa for skilled workers

Skilled workers who require a visa to visit Norway may be granted an entry visa in some cases, allowing them to travel to Norway to hand in their application for a residence permit to the police or wait for a response to their application for a residence permit.

This type of visa does not allow you to work in Norway, but it does allow you to stay in the country while the UDI processes your application for a residence permit.

To be granted such a visa, it must be probable that your application for a residence permit for skilled workers will be granted.

However, if you have already been granted a residence permit, you don’t need to apply for an entry visa.

Requirements for entry visas

  • You must have applied for, or are going to apply for, a residence permit for skilled workers with an employer in Norway or a residence permit for athletes or coaches.
  • You must have received a concrete job offer from one specific employer in Norway.
  • The job must normally be full-time.
  • You must have the qualifications as a skilled worker.
  • If you are going to work in an occupation for which approval or authorisation is required (external website), you must have such approval or authorisation. Health personnel, for example, must enclose an authorisation or licence from the Norwegian Directorate of Health (external website).

How to apply for an entry visa

  1. You must apply at a Norwegian embassy.
  2. Submit an application for a visitor’s visa, but write in the application that you wish to be granted an entry visa (D visa).
  3. If you haven’t already submitted your application for a residence permit, you must now submit all the documents on the checklist for skilled workers.
  4. The embassy will take into account your request for an entry visa. But if your application is turned down, you can write the embassy and appeal the decision. Your application will be given another review by the embassy. It will then be sent to the UDI before being approved or rejected.

Jobs available for foreign nationals:

In-demand jobs available to foreigners 

  • Engineering Jobs
  • Developer Jobs
  • IT & Communications Jobs
  • Teaching Jobs
  • Driving Jobs
  • Tourism Jobs
  • Legal Jobs
  • Seafood Jobs
  • Oil and Gas Jobs
  • Hotel Jobs
  • Building & Construction Jobs
  • Nursing & Medical Jobs

Sites to search for jobs in Norway

  • Indeed
  • Jobs in Oslo
  • Adeeco
  • Jobisland
  • Ranstand
  • Jobbnorge
  • The Local

Source: nairametrics

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