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Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors, Valuers, call for robust housing agenda for incoming administration

Following the escalating housing challenges faced in Nigeria, the Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers, has called on the political class to set up a robust agenda for housing delivery in the country for the new administration.

Addressing a press conference Saturday in Asaba, President and Chairman, National Council, Sir Rowland Enyinna Abonta, said there should be needs assessment derived from an organized housing survey across the nation with a view to determining the exact housing needs of the people in the country in various states and regions, “this is a key requirement for addressing the current challenges and planning for future housing delivery”, warning that the politics of housing must stop in view of the vital role of housing to healthy living.

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According to him, “let the nation stop the ad hoc and arbitrary approaches to solving housing problems as this have not helped us as a nation. Housing management should be re-organized with proper institutional framework that cuts across all levels of government, local and federal”.

He advocated for a total overhaul of the Nigerian mortgage system which should be driven by the private sector with full government support in terms of policy and regulatory functions, “accelerated land titling program for all states of the federation that will release plots with value for the housing sector. Deliberate program of government at all levels for provision of infrastructure and layout for housing development.

While calling for special attention to be paid to the provision of social housing for the less privileged and vulnerable people in all states of the nation, he lamented that the wisdom in the requirement of all public officers, including civil servants to declare their assets on resumption and exit from office is being compromised and defeated by the implementation of that policy.

He tasked present and future governments to allow estate surveyors and valuers play their roles in declaration of assets by public officer to stop corruption and the embarrassment the nation is facing today in this area, “I am also calling for immediate creation of the Directorate of Valuation in the Code of Conduct Bureau where professional estate surveyors and valuers will be engaged to provide the needed services”, he added.

Source: The Nigerian Voice

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