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HDAN raises alarm, says presidential candidates not talking about affordable housing

HDAN raises alarm, says presidential candidates not talking about affordable housing

Housing Development Advocacy Network, HDAN has expressed concern that no presidential candidate has spoken about their plans to address the issue of affordable housing. 

HDAN therefore want the candidates to lay bear their plans to address the country’s housing deficit. 

The network in a statement signed by its Managing Director, Barr. Festus Adebayo urged the candidates to let Nigerians know where they stand on the issue of housing.
The statement reads in part: “HDAN expresses concerns  as Housing is unaffordable to an average Nigerian because of the high cost of production.”

Besides, HDAN also asked them to state how they intend to address the about 20 million housing deficit. 

Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing Hall of Fame

The network also stated that the country needed a president that would be able to construct 5 million affordable housing units to reduce our housing deficit that is estimated to be above 20 million now. 

HDAN also said that the country needs a Housing Renovation Fund to assist vulnerable and poor people to rescue their homes from collapse due to decay and to help upgrade slums and squalid communities. 

The network also advocated for a presidential candidate that can enacting a social housing law incorporating the use of clay and timber as housing materials. 

Another area of interest that the Network would want the presidential candidates to address is the issue of provision of government MDA to begin charge of rural housing development and encourage agriculture practice. 

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