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Engineer Builds House With 14,800 Sand-filled Plastic Bottles As Bricks In Kaduna

A Nigerian engineer Identified as Yahaya Ahmed has surprised residents in Kaduna after building his house using 14,800 sand-filled plastic bottles as bricks.

According to Premium Times, Yahaya is a director of Development Association of Renewable Energies (DARE), a non-government organization in Nigeria.

The engineer said that the house was constructed by his organization to help create jobs, to support recycling of waste materials and to protect Nigeria’s environment.

When asked how he built the house, Yahaya explained that workers filled the plastic bottles with sand and tied the necks with tangled network of strings.

He mentioned that the building is the first of its kind in the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa. He added that its cheaper to built because the materials are always available in waste centres and on the streets.

Explaining the strength of the house, he revealed that the house is twenty times stronger than brick wall houses. It can also last for more than 300 years if built properly and carefully.

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