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End of The Year Party- NIA Advocates More Engagement with Government to Curb Quackery

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The National President, of the Nigerian Institute of Architects, has called for more engagements with the government and other related agencies to work hand in hand in the struggle to end unprofessional practices which have led to the Loss of lives and damage of properties worth billions in the country.

Arch Enyi-Ben Eboh made the call at the NIA Abuja Chapter 2022 end-of-year party which was held at the NIA headquarters in Abuja.

End of The Year Party- NIA Advocates More Engagement with Government to Curb Quackery
National President – NIA, Arch. Enyi-Ben Eboh

In his remarks, the Institute’s National President underscored the need for engagements with other players in the building and construction sector saying,
“As an institute, we want to consolidate on the gains of 2022, we want to see a situation where the institute becomes more relevant in the scheme of things.

“We also want a situation where we can attract more members. For quite a bit now, we’ve had issues that affected our membership process, but we intend to get that behind us and grow our membership so that we will reduce the gap between population and professionals, right now it’s more like a ratio of one to 40,000 which is grossly unacceptable”

“Through that of course, a lot of people will begin to see the relevance of architects, our environments would be better planned because people will now see the difference between those who say they are and those who are.”

Addressing the slow phase experienced by the building sector, Mr. Eboh said,” The fact we are in a transition process which places a lot of burden on the industry, each time there is going to be a change of government, there is a lot of tension and people don’t know what to expect. So, in terms of investing in real estate and building projects, a lot of people just want to wait and see, once the elections are over, everything will be fine, and the building industry will bounce back.”
Africa Housing Awards – Celebrating the excellent achievements of individuals and companies in the housing and construction industry.

According to the Chairperson NIA Abuja chapter, Mrs. Yemi Sola-Adebiyi, due to the nature of their jobs, architects barely have the time to socialize therefore the institution saw it necessary to have a timeout every December where members come to relax connect and celebrate their achievements as the year runs out.

Mrs. Yemi added, “We also want to showcase our works as architects, that of our sponsors, and manufacturers in the building material products.”

Yemi buttressed the need for the collaboration of sister agencies such as its and its likes to achieve meaningful development in the sector.

Yemi noted with dismay, unprofessional practices which have led to the loss of lives and property saying, ” it is not acceptable when professionals are on the ground and there is a building collapse it means the job was not done by a professional because that is against our ethics, morals and training.”

“The institute will do more in regards to advocacy and engaging professionals to ensure value is added to projects which will in turn save unnecessary expenses.

The Institute in its entirety called on the government to heed advice proffered by professionals in the environmental, physical and urban planning sector of the country which in so doing will add to the growth and development of the nation.

The End of year Party organized by the NIA Abuja chapter had in attendance key players in the building and construction Industry such as Housing Development Advocacy Network and Problind Nigeria amongst others.

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