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Construction Needs Health, Safety Managers To Avert Collapse

To forestall the prevalent collapse of buildings or any damage that may inflict injuries during and after construction, Experts have emphasized the need for health and safety consultants.

The past President of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) Mr. Obafemi Onashile gave this advice during a business dinner to chart a  way forward among players in the construction industry and also to celebrate the life of an octogenarian Chief Christopher Odumosu in the industry.

Recalling the recent collapse of the 21 storey building in Lagos, Onashile lamented that the lack of expertise on health and safety consultants contributed to the awful incident, thereby advising

players in the industry to infuse in their services precautionary health and safety measures.

He said: “Construction or housing is a danger in the sense that it can collapse, or workers can be injured in the course of construction, all these calls for active health and safety implementations.

“The global standard now for any development and construction is that there must be somebody in charge of health and safety. We must now have a health and safety consultant or manager on site.”

The guest speaker and CEO Philips Consulting Limited, Mr. Foluso Philips, relished the evolution that has taken place from the agrarian evolution to the 4th evolution, therefore harping on the need of players in the construction industry to up their practice with the use of technology.

He said: “Innovation is the next level of customer’s confidence,” stressing that the world is evolving and there is a need for professionals in the field to look at how to solve problems for their clients.”

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