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Building Collapse: Built Experts Blame Poor Monitoring By Regulatory Agencies

Some experts in the built environment have cited poor monitoring on the part of regulatory agencies for the incessant building collapse in the country.

The experts spoke at the stakeholders engagement session on building collapse prevention organised recently by the Lagos Building Control Agency.

In his remarks, the immediate past President of the Nigerian Institute of Builders, Kunle Awobudu, said the building industry had over the years witnessed an infiltration of quacks who operated unchecked by the relevant agencies of government.

He further stated that much of the legal framework guiding the construction industry in Lagos State was not being adhered to.

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Awobodu said, “Most of the problems we are having are in our sites. Visit most sites in Lagos and parts of the country, quacks are the ones superintending the building process. We have it in the regulation that at every building site there should be a registered builder.

“Do we have that? We are thinking of more benefits at the site. By the time you start to punish individuals who are deviating from this, many people will no longer rush to manage site activities.

“Most developers engage quacks. Do they have licensed architects? Licensed engineers? By the time you have licensed builders and those of them who are monitoring, then you will have people who can be held responsible.”

According to him, the lack of close monitoring and supervision of artisans who work on construction sites had significantly contributed to a neglect of building standards since most artisans cut corners whenever they were not closely monitored.

Awobodu further advised regulatory agencies of government to work closely with professional builders in order to ensure compliance to set standards in the built environment.

On his part, the President of the Lagos State Branch of the Nigeria Institute of Architects, David Majekodunmi, faulted the regulatory apparatuses in the real estate sector for turning a blind eye to some of its fundamental responsibilities.

Majekodunmi added that so many things had been done wrongly for a long long time, irregularities which had culminated in the frequent building collapse experienced in the state in recent years.

He noted that it was clearly written that there should be the registration of professionals in the built environment.

“Is that done? No. Enforcement; how is it carried out? When we submit drawings for approval. When you see the stamp, you approve it, provided it meets the requirement. But did you check the registration of the professional?” he asked.

Source: Punch

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