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7 Tips To Help Map Out Your Weekly Wardrobe

7 Tips To Help Map Out Your Weekly Wardrobe

Have you ever woken up one day with no idea of what to wear to work? That’s one relatable experience a lot of people can agree on.

But what if there was a better way?

Say you get to plan all your work outfits once a week, and you’re good to go. Here are some practical tips to help you plan your weekly wardrobe. 

Weekly Wardrobe
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  • Great Timing 

The earlier you start planning your outfits, the much easier it gets. So while you’re doing your weekend clean up and prep for the new week, take time to sort out your outfits too. Last-minute isn’t good for anyone. 

  • Reviewed Your Plans For The Week 

Choose your wardrobe to match whatever plans you have for the week. So special meetings, outings, whatever you have planned, let your outfits match. Write out your day-to-day schedule for the week and use that.

  • Be Inspired 

As always, find some style inspiration. You need to figure out how to cleverly use your colour palettes and wardrobe staples. 

Need some ideas? Try Pinterest. 

  • Start With The Staples

Your wardrobe is definitely incomplete without wardrobe basics. Whether it is a turtleneck bodysuit, wide-leg pants or a white shirt, these basics usually complement your style and makes dressing even easier. 

  • Layering 

Adding a few extra layers to your look improves your outfit. So whether it is a simple jacket or a cardigan, your entire look takes an entirely new turn. 

Also, it’s almost rainy season, so it’s best to always be prepared. 

  • Focus On The Fitting 

Fitted clothes definitely improve your confidence. So keep ill-fitting choices away until you can get to adjust them. 

  • Accessories 

Dressing up for work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize. Accessories can turn the most basic outfits into exquisite ones. 

And it doesn’t have to be too much, the right bag and shoes can make a lot of difference. 

Planning your outfits ahead does more than just get you ready to take on the world every week, but it also gives you a better look at your wardrobe. Now you know what outfits you wear the most, what fits, what you need to adjust and what needs to be gotten rid of. 

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Source: guardian

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