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REDAN Set To Endorse Products As A Mark Of Quality Service Delivery

In order to improve on the quality of buildings in the country, and interface with producers and manufacturers of building materials and developers of estates with a view to ensuring improvement in their processes and products.

The Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), has set up an initiative to endorse building materials and estates built to ensure integrity.

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This was contained in a statement made available to Housing News in Abuja.

It stated that ‘’the philosophy behind the initiative of endorsement of products and estates was informed by the need for REDAN to guide the public on the products and estates that have met its requirement in terms of standards and other characteristics, and at the same time create a mutual beneficial scheme for the off-takers, the Association and its members as a result of the exercise’’.

The statement noted that the endorsement will enable the public have confidence in the quality of such products and vouch for the integrity of the estate, in order to give value to the purchaser, and give credence to the public in patronizing such endorsed products.

It said ‘’In carrying out this onerous task, the Association will work in close collaboration with some regulatory institutions like the Standard Organization of Nigeria, Raw Materials Institute and Nigeria, Building and Road Research Institute amongst others to ensure in the first instance that the products meets both national as well as international standards’’.

REDAN added that it will interface and collaborate with Professional Bodies in the built environment to recommend firms and members that will serve as Consultants, in its bid to eliminate grey areas, especially in the areas of quackery and building collapse.

The statement added that REDAN will sign-up with members of the Building Materials Producers Association of Nigeria (BUMPAN) whose products are adjudged to have met basic criteria and standards as per usage and attestation by the Standard Organization of Nigeria and other regulatory institutions.

‘’As for estates, it must have met both the soft and hard aspects, including extant laws and National Building Code. Aside meeting the foregoing and integrity tests, the process of construction must have been developed by Certified Skilled Artisan, under supervision by Qualified Professional, have approved designs, Supervision by relevant Development Control Agencies, guided by Health and safety compliance, and the Off-takers availed Proper documentation of relationship between Developer and Buyer, such as letter of offer, title to the Buyer/End User. REDAN portal shall serve as a port of verification of endorsed products.

It added that ‘’members who want their products endorsed shall formally apply to REDAN. This relates to both building materials and estates. The Association is of the firm believe that the real estate sector will move to another sphere of integrity and openness by this niche’’. The statement read.

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