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List Of 10 Most Expensive Houses In Nigeria (Pictures)

Nigeria has a reasonable number of wealthy residents who want to live in the best houses that money can buy.

From luxury villas to spectacular mansions, the rich and famous have been making headlines with their multimillion-dollar acquisitions in the housing market.

Whether you are an avid follower of the country’s real estate scene or just curious to see which Nigerian households have the record for the most expensive property, this is the list for you.

Okwudili Umenyiora’s Mansion – N10 billion

The Okwudili Umenyiora’s mansion is the most expensive house in Lekki and one of Nigeria’s top ten mansions. The estate took four years to build and is approximately N10 billion. The house features LED floor televisions, a garage, elevators, and exterior and interior swimming pools.

The beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and those found on the staircase indicate how lavish this home is. The other notable feature of this home is its’ cinema room with a projector screen as well as seats which could serve as an excellent venue for movie nights or video games with friends.

Okwudili Umenyiora’s Mansion

Mike Adenuga’s house – over N8 billion

Nigerian businessman Mike Adenuga, also known as Mike Adenuga Jr., is the owner of the most expensive house in Banana Island Lagos. He has, over time, invested a lot in real estate with several homes and land for sale or rent all around Nigeria.

He owns the Globacom mobile phone network. His mansion occupies over 1,000 square meters (10,763 sq ft) and has over 100 bedrooms with an attached bathroom. It features imported marble floors and panels covering large wall space sections.

It also features expansive balconies overlooking what appears to be an infinity pool and lawns on one side, while white shaded verandas offer protection from the sun on the other. The mansion is worth over N8 billion ($33 million). In addition, he owns two smaller apartments in another building worth over $7 million each. He was ranked among Forbes’ Africa’s billionaires in 2022.

Mike Adenuga’s House

Aliko Dangote’s house – N5 billion

Aliko Dangote’s house is one of the most expensive houses in Abuja and one of the largest mansions in Nigeria. It is worth N5 billion.

The property has padded floors and Persian rugs, which have been imported, for inside the rooms. The kitchen boasts top-of-the-line appliances from Germany. There are three swimming pools with a water cascade flowing from one to another.

Security features include bulletproof windows, parking for more than 50 cars, helipads, and CCTV cameras covering the entire estate’s exterior perimeter. It also features several bedrooms, a furnished front room, a meeting room, a luxurious sitting room, a home office, and a chamber. Mr. Dangote lives here with his family.

Aliko Dangote’s House

Peter Okoye’s mansion – N1.6 billion

Peter Okoye and Paul are popularly known as P-Square. They are one of Nigeria’s best-loved and most successful music duos. Peter Okoye owns one of Nigeria’s most expensive mansions. His mansion in Banana Island is allegedly worth over 1.5 billion nairas.

The mansion has an underground basement, 10 bedrooms, 6 living rooms, and a total gym. Outside there is an Olympic size swimming pool with an automatic pool cover. The parking bay can hold several cars and a cinema hall for watching movies on large screens.

And what would any good mansion be without an open-air entertainment area? There’s also one of those in this house.

Peter Okoye’s Mansion

Dino Melaye’s mansion – N1.5 billion

Senator Dino Melaye’s home is decked out with every luxury imaginable, from an indoor swimming pool to a football field on the grounds. One architect once described it as the most expensive private house ever built in Nigeria, which may explain why its owner is so fond of it that he won’t even let anyone else visit it.

The mansion is hidden in central Lagos, surrounded by high walls and security. It has all the amenities you can think of. It has a white-painted duplex and a six-bedroom boy’s quarter for staff members, and a ten-car garage where his fleet of Porsches are stored.

It has four guest houses for visitors and is equipped with its own media studio for TV interviews. The house is spread over 5 acres of land, including the manicured lawns and trees around the property. The house is estimated to be worth a whopping 1.5 billion Naira.

Dino Malaye’s Mansion

Lee Maeba’s Fortress – N1 billion

This sprawling expanse of the property offers not only privacy and luxury but also a lifestyle that few can enjoy. The house has 50 bulletproof doors, six floors, and a helipad with parking for a helicopter.

According to Forbes Magazine, the house belongs to the River state senator Lee Maeba, ranked among Nigeria’s wealthiest people. It is valued at N1 billion.

Lee Maeba Fotress

Folorunsho Alakija’s mansion- N700 million

Built by tycoon-philanthropist and oil mogul Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, the mansion cost a whopping N700 million and has approximately 400 rooms.

Constructed by the German Construction Company Julius Berger, the mansion construction began in 2014 and was completed in 2018. It boasts an artificial pool; instead of windows, the house has light wells.

It also includes a parking space for 200 cars and houses offices for Mrs Alakija’s various companies. It is one of the finest houses in Nigeria.

Folorunsho Alakija’s mansion

Linda Ikeji’s house – N500 million

Linda is one of the most prominent women in Nigeria and has arguably the most significant following on social media. Known for her taste in luxury, it won’t be a surprise that her mansion is worth over N500 million.

She acquired the sprawling property back in 2015 and features an Olympic-size swimming pool, private garden, six-bedroom suites with bathrooms, private sitting rooms, and kitchenettes. The opulent residence also has its own games room, among other amenities.

Linda Ikeji’s House

Uzor Kalu’s Camp Neya

Camp Neya is the home of Senator Uzor Kalu. He named the house after his daughter Neya Uzor Kalu. The house is estimated to be worth millions and has more than 400 rooms, with some suites on the ground floor fitted with LCD TVs and DVD players. It also has two helipads and an indoor swimming pool.

 Other features like solar panels produce electricity to light up the building and Governor’s lodge for all 36 states and FCT.

The most exclusive part of this mansion is the 5000-capacity conference hall, a golf course, a football pitch, a sports centre, a bush bar, a church, a mosque, a filling station, a clinic, ATMs, a children’s recreation centre, several gardens, a police post, an ICT centre, and military detachment.

Camp Neya

AY Makun’s house

The most expensive house in Nigeria list also features Ay Makun house, a luxurious property located in Lagos. The mansion has a penthouse, huge his and hers walk-in closets, a cinema, a studio, a game room, a library, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and much more.

It is one of the finest houses in Nigeria, with a hefty price tag. It also features tennis courts, a spa, and many other amenities.

The mansion is located on AY Makun street. The interior was designed by Midas Interiors. His wife, Mabel, owns the company. It also features steel doors and several security features, such as an automatic fire suppression system.

AY Makun’s House

Source: LegitNg

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