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Kukah Vows: ‘I Won’t Stop Speaking Against Injustice, Bad Governance’

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, on Sunday said he would not stop speaking against bad governance in the country until Nigeria changes for the better.

Kukah, who stated this in his homily celebrating 45 years of priesthood and 10 years as Bishop in Sokoto, said keeping quiet in the face of injustice and bad governance was nothing but corruption.

He recalled with nostalgia how he took the vow to keep preaching the gospel with fidelity and constancy not minding whose ox is gored.

In keeping to this vow, Bishop Kukah said some might construe constant criticism of governments as causing trouble.

“I did not promise to serve the President, governor, any politician, businessman or individual but preach the gospel with fidelity and constancy. Nothing I have accomplished as a result of myself. Were it not for the Catholic Church, I would have been nothing. I would not have been a priest. Constantly remind yourself that everything about you is God’s gift,”  Kukah admonished the congregation.

While noting that his happiness was not about how far he had been as a priest but had remained committed to his vow by preaching the gospel with fidelity and constancy.

“Keeping silence in the face of injustice is corruption. The things I keep saying is not for any government, I was saying it before this government came and I will continue to say same even after this government.

“We must passionately and deliberately fix this country. It is not by accident that we are here today; we must fix this country together. Human greed gives birth to all the problems in the world. Human beings cause all the evil in the world.

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