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Interior Designers Seek Govt’s Recognition, Licensing To Regulate Practice

To combat quackery, interior designers under the umbrella of the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria (IDAN) have advocated for federal government licensing and recognition to regulate the trade.

During a town hall meeting in Abuja, the group stated that the goal was to establish standards and policies for the profession, as well as to govern its practice.

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“We need a voice for the professional to ensure that education and professionalism are ingrained,” Titi Ogufere, the group’s founder, said.

She continued by saying, “The profession is very vital because we contribute to humanity’s well-being by creating functioning spaces for people.”

Jennifer Chukwujekwe, president of IDAN, said the government’s approval would allow members to pursue professional certification.

“Everyone desires a lovely environment. Whether you want to work, play, or live there. Everyone is entitled to a lovely lifestyle and living space. So, if you realize that it isn’t only a luxury, it will have an impact on your personal well-being,” Chukwujekwe explained.

Another issue she mentioned was a scarcity of skilled artisans, since they relied on painters, plumbers, and others to bring the designs to life.

“So we need to figure out how to make them more skilled and more professional when they are dealing with us because the truth is our labour force is mostly artisans so hopefully we will see how we can train them,” she added.

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