How to Keep Property Owners Happy While Looking For a Buyer

Just like any other business, the real estate business could be slow sometimes due to so many reasons including a slump in the market, security challenges or government policies. The main aim of the seller contracting the services of an agent is to sell the property within the shortest possible time. Therefore, when the property is not selling, the property owner is bound to get worried thereby putting the agent under pressure. If proper owners are not happy, it’s definitely not good business for the agent. So, how do you keep property owners happy and minimize their anxiety when you’re yet to get a buyer?

Regular and Effectively Delivered Communication
Though this seems like a cakewalk, it is actually something many real estate agents forget to do. Agents should update property owners periodically on their progress thus keeping their anxiety in check. Some clients have special preferences on how, when, and how often they want to be updated; be sure to take note of these. Delivering updates shows your clients how highly you value them.

Demonstrate Market Reach
Property owners always want to see how far agents have gone in selling their property and this goes beyond trying to calm them down; they want to see proof of your activities towards getting their properties sold. Show your clients evidence of your market reach regarding their property through statistical data like viewing activity and offers made on that property. This shows them you are doing something towards getting their property sold.

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Deliver Market Activity Report
Always notify property owners of current market activity so they can make informed decisions on their property. If properties of comparable features are put up for sale within that area or a new government policy is made, be sure to inform your clients so they can weigh their options. Best way is to send a periodic newsletter to your clients and contact them whenever anything urgent pops up.

Have an Honest Disposition
Nobody likes to deal with that agent who is not consistent with his facts. Always be honest when dealing with your clients and let them know the true situation of things even if it’s not encouraging; giving them false hopes does not do anybody good. Let you clients know what is actually wrong with their property so they can weigh their options and take appropriate actions where necessary.