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Demolition of 144 floors of Mina Plaza in Abu Dhabi creates new world record. Watch

The demolition of a 541.44-foot-tall building in Abu Dhabi has bagged a Guinness World Records title. Made up of 4 towers, 144 floors of the structure known as Mina Plaza were reportedly demolished in just 10 seconds.

Guinness World Records (GWR) shared a video of the demolition on Facebook and it has caught the attention of netizens .

According to a reply by GWR on its own post, the controlled demolition “of the 165.032 m (541.44 feet) tall building was achieved by Modon Properties.”

Shared on December 8, the clip has garnered over 6,900 reactions along with numerous comments from netizens. Modon Properties also shared a post about the achievement on Instagram along with the certificate they received from GWR.

“I thought Tony Stark did that years ago while fighting the Hulk,” said a Facebook user. “Massive!” commented another.

Many had several concerns about the record. “That is an insane amount of air pollution,” pointed out an individual. “Such a waste of money and resources,” commented another. “I’m shuddering at the level of air and noise pollution that happened during this,” wrote a third.

What do you think of this record?

source: hindustandtimes.com

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