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Africa’s Leading Brands Partnering AIHS: Meet Dangote Cement Plc

With a production capacity of 48.6 million tonnes annually across ten countries, Dangote Cement Plc is the largest cement producer in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is the largest cement producer in Sub-Saharan Africa as a result of these operations.

In West and Central Africa, Dangote Cement is concentrating on a “export to import” strategy. Quality limestone is relatively abundant in Nigeria, particularly in strategic southern areas close to demand centers and export facilities. Lack of limestone has forced some countries in West Africa and Central Africa, particularly coastal states, to import bulk cement or its intermediate product, clinker, typically from outside the African Continent.

It therefore, made Nigeria to serve as the primary export hub for West and Central Africa, hence self-sufficient in cement and clinker. As a result, regional trade within ECOWAS and beyond with the African Continental Free Trade has significantly improved. With over 350 million people, 15 countries could be served by Nigeria.

AIHS 2022

Dangote Cement started shipping clinkers from Nigeria to West and Central Africa in 2020, following the commissioning of its Apapa and Onne export terminals.

What To Expect From Dangote Cement Plc At The AIHS 2022

It’s worthy to note that Dangote Cement recently established a directorate of real estate. Meanwhile, a session powered by Dangote will focus on what the Dangote Plc can do towards the development of the Nigerian housing and construction industry. Beyond that, Dangote Cement Plc is partnering Africa International Housing Show in the area of youth affordable housing competition with the aim of attracting Nigerian youths to real estate activities and most importantly, teach the artisans among them on how to leverage various trends and innovative ideas to develop the nation’s construction and housing industry.
Have you been looking for means to strike a business deal or collaboration with Dangote Cement Plc? Look no further! Grab this amazing opportunity to achieve your long-term business goal.

Africa international housing show will hold from 23rd to 28th July ,2022 at internal conference centre Abuja, Nigeria. Not less than four Africa ministers for housing will attend this year event and already over 16,000 participants , 385 Exhibitors have registered for more on AIHS visit ihsabuja.com to register.

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