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Bill Consumers According To Hours Of Electricity Supplied, DisCos Orders FCCPC

In this period of acute electricity shortages and customer unhappiness, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has cautioned Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) to be cognizant of their commitments to their customers and respect the rights of consumers.

According to the FCCPC, consumers should be billed according to the hours of electricity delivered in accordance with the approved band classification, and they should have the ability to challenge the tariff band classification they have been assigned.

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The commission made this disclosure in a series of tweets on its official Twitter account, where it displayed copies of consumer rights under the @NERCNG Service-Based Tariff and Meter Asset Provider regimes.

The commission noted that meters under the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) shall be installed at the premises of the customer within 10 working days of payment.

The tweet post from the FCCPC reads, “During this period of severe electricity shortages and palpable customer dissatisfaction, DisCos must be mindful of their commitments and respect consumers’ rights.

Customers shall be billed according to the hours of electricity supplied (approved band classification). You have a right to contest the tariff band classification you have been assigned.

Payment for meters shall not be made if meters are not available. The Meter Asset Provider (MAP) shall install the meter at the premises of the customer within 10 working days of payment.’’

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