AIHS Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is AIHS?
      AIHS is an acronym of Abuja International Housing Show.
    2.  How many years has the AIHS been in existence?
      The AIHS has taken place for 14 years and is marking its 15th season in the year 2021 on July 26th – July 29th.
    3. Who are the organisers of the AIHS?
      The AIHS is organised by  International Housing and Construction Show Ltd, owners of Housing Development Programme on AIT and TVC, Housing Program on Raypower and online housing news platform,
    4. How many days does the AIHS hold?
      The AIHS holds for 5 days every year.
    5. Who can attend the AIHS?
      Everyone is welcome to attend the AIHS.
    6. Is attendance of the AIHS free?
      The attendance of the AIHS exhibition is free for all. However, attendance of other sessions are paid for or by invite.
    7. How many sessions make up the AIHS?
      The AIHS is made up of four sessions including the exhibition, the conferences, the CEOs forum and the Nigeria Housing Awards.
    8. Where is the venue for the AIHS?
      The venue for the AIHS is the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria.
    9.  Is there security provision at the ICC where the AIHS holds?
      Yes, there is adequate security provision from different arms of Nigeria’s security system as well as private security systems.
    10. Is the AIHS a sponsored event, and who can sponsor?
      The AIHS is a sponsored event. Corporations, Agencies, Housing Development Companies etc., are welcome to partner with the event as sponsors.
    1. What kinds of companies can exhibit at the AIHS?
      All companies and professional services related to the built industry are welcome to exhibit at the AIHS. These companies may include construction, building materials, developers, furniture, fittings, appliances, baths and toilets, professional services, professional bodies, security, software etc.
    2. Are exhibition booths at the AIHS paid for?
      Yes, each exhibition booth at the event is paid for. You can contact the office for more details.
    3. Are International companies welcome to exhibit products and services?
      Yes, International companies are welcome. The show hosts companies from USA, Britain, Turkey, UAE, Italy, China, India, South Africa etc., on an annual basis.
    4. What other ways can companies showcase their products and services at the AIHS?
      Paid presentations during conferences and sponsored conference days are other ways companies of all kinds can showcase their products or services to decision makers.
    5. What is the NHA?
      The NHA is the acronym for the Nigeria Housing Awards which is held on the final night of the AIHS. This event is designed to award individuals and companies who have distinguished themselves in the year through their contributions to the development of Housing or housing-related activities in Nigeria and Africa.
    6. Who can attend the NHA?
      The NHA is strictly by invitation to the most distinguished companies and personalities.
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    1.  What calibre of special guests, dignitaries and participants attend the AIHS?
    2. The AIHS draws participants from all works of life and all income levels. In the past years, it has hosted top ranking local and international dignitaries such as public office holders including the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the past Senate President, over 20 governors, Minister for Works and Housing, Nigeria, Babatunde Fashola, State Minister for Housing, Minister of the FCT, past Ministers of different ministries and Commissioners for Housing from Nigerian states. It has played host to the Deputy Minister for Works and Housing, Ghana and its delegation. CEOs and executives from leading organizations such as the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Family Homes Fund, NMRC, CBN, Africa Development Bank, World Bank, United Nations, Centre for Affordable Housing, Housing Development Companies etc.