AIHS: Abuja Property Development Coy Reveals Expansion Plan, To Build KD Millenium City

    By ABAH ADAH, Abuja

    While showcasing products, at this year’s just concluded Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS), which is the 15th edition, Abuja Property Development Company (APDC) disclosed that it has plans extend its housing development programmes to the states in due course.
    APDC is a property development company providing construction, real estate development, consultancy and facilities management services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Abuja Investments Company Ltd (AICL).

    Speaking to African Housing News, the Head, Marketing, APDC, Aisha Mohammed, said, “We have plans to expand our housing programmes to other parts of the country. We already have plans to build the Kaduna Millenium City.”

    She said the company has completed decent affordable houses in different parts of Abuja for willing off-takers.

    “There is APDC capital estate along Kubwa expressway with over 400 people already, even construction of more houses is on. We have flagship projects coming up in Life Camp, Dogwari and a few other sites in the city,”

    She said the company builds a variety of house types and styles for the various classes in society based on their level of income, adding that they don’t just build and give, but also put in place inverter (for power security) and green environment to make the houses conducive to occupants.

    She said, “A complete estate is one built with infrastructure. We don’t give out houses that are liveable, spacious with functional water and street light systems.

    From the affordability front, Mohammed said the company has a flexible payment plan so that different categories can key into the one the suits their own income and even pay over a period depending on the option.

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    Thanking FESADEB Communications Ltd for a job well done in organising and sustaining the show for 15 years, Mohammed the good thing about the show is that each year someone comes to attend they witness new innovations.

    “Abuja housing show has always been growing; every year you come, you see something new,” she said.