AIHS 2021 Offers Real Estate Actors Opportunity To Rebuild Industry-CEO

    By ABAH ADAH, Abuja

    The managing director and chief executive officer (MD/CEO) of Denam Properties Ltd, Linus Igwemezie, has said that the 2021 Abuja International Housing Show which came to and end Thursday offered stakeholders the opportunity to rebuild and restore the real estate industry to its glory of pre-COVID-19 era.

    The CEO who was speaking to Africa Housing News remarked that the organisation of the event this year was fantastic, adding, however, that the show was not as full as it was two years ago which was the last before the pandemic broke out, making the following edition to be held virtually.

    Recall that as a result of the pandemic, the 2020 edition of AIHS, which was the 14th in the series, was done virtually.

    Hence, the Denam Property boss believed that the 2021 AIHS, which is the 15th in the series of the annual event, signalled a good take-off as the pandemic gradually eases off for experts, exhibitors, investors, and other stakeholders to network towards new innovations for the sector to regain its pre-COVID-19 strength.

    “But, Generally, this is a good start to rebuild the industry and get back to the pre-COVID-19 way of doing things. I am encouraged, coming from the CEOs roundtable now, to see that a lot of focus was on things like incorporating technology into the built industry to enhance development. I mean, it is lovely. We hope to continue to be at the show every year,” he said.

    The CEO explained that Denam Property is an Abuja based property developer with just about 4 years of service in the industry, but have already been known for its unique standards of providing top quality homes.

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    “We came into the industry about 4 years ago, with the objective of building homes that are of top quality and meet international standards, even as our goal is to deliver in good time, within the range of 12 to 15 months.

    He said another critical issue that was in focus at CEOs forum was the issue of affordability, adding that his company was also doing everything possible to ensure affordability by the middle class.

    “We are also involved in what is called Low Income Housing in partnership with government, and I think that is one way we can truely address the issue of affordability,” he said.