AIHS 2021: Brains and Hammer Affirms Completion Of 10,000 Housing Units In Abuja

    By ABAH ADAH, Abuja

    One of Nigeria’s leading real estate firms, Brains and Hammer Ltd, disclosed at the just concluded 15th Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) that it has completed over 10,000 housing units of various categories in in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

    The company’s Digital Communication Officer at the event, Akubeze Okocho, who made the disclosure also revealed that the firm is more than just a real estate firm as it is also into hospitality and infrastructure businesses.

    “We have completed over 10,000 housing units in Abuja alone. We have some at Apo, Life Camp where there are two Brains and Hammer cities, and more of luxury houses in Guzape and other areas, apart from the ones we have built in parts of Lagos,” she said.

    Appreciating the impact of AIHS in the building and construction industry in Nigeria, Okocha said, “We are aware of the impact this housing show is making in Nigeria on the real estate industry in Nigeria and the world at large.

    “For us at Brains and Hammer, it affords us the opportunity to showcase all our products. As a company with branches in different parts of the country, we have products in Kano, Lagos, Oyo and some other states, and it is not every time that we are able to showcase all the products in our portfolio at once, but this show gives us the opportunity to have all our products from different locations in one place and show them to the world.

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    “It also gives us the opportunity to meet directly the various stakeholders in the sector and cross-fertilize ideas on new innovations.”

    In terms of affordability is at the heart of the provision of housing, she said Brains and Hammer has a subsidiary solely focused on providing affordable housing units so that people with low income can equally own decent houses as well.

    “And we are equally working closely with the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria so that we are able to provide mortgage options for people to be able to buy, especially those who ordinarily would not be able to afford a house,” said.

    According to her, people have the option of going for payment plan that would last 10 years and even more.

    “So it is flexible and that makes it easy for all cadres of people in the society. At Brains and Hammer, we believe that everybody deserves the right to housing, and that is why we are putting all effort into it,” she said.