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The ABCs of Africa International Housing Show You Need to Know About!

The Continent’s most prestigious property industry showcase and exhibition, Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) is opening its doors again with its 16th edition. Here are the ABCs of the Show you need to know, to make the best use of this life-, business-, and history-, changing opportunity.

A – Activating Dreams:
The Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) has been at the forefront of activating dreams for home ownership, assisting over 10,000 Nigerians own a home of their dreams. Prospective home owners are given exposure to diverse knowledge pathways to making their home ownership dreams a reality.

B – Boosting Businesses:
AIHS has been a conduit for over N100bn worth of business and financial transactions engaged by our exhibitors, sponsors, and participants, boosting the financial status and market share of businesses, corporations and agencies in the last 15 years. From direct acquisition of international and local financing for development projects to accessing mortgage financing and refinancing, to direct business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) on ground transactions, the Show is a platform for the exposure of businesses to a local and global audience. AIHS do so professionally as a member of Africa Union of Housing Finance.

AIHS 2022

C – Charting History:
The Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) is an industry game-changer, charting the course of history in the built environment in Africa in the last 15 years. Through its housing advocacy efforts on television, radio, and its online news platform, Africahousingnews, the Show has supported and collaborated with different professional bodies, industry titans and international policy influencers in the built environment to initiate and facilitate legislations on housing. With most resolutions at the annual landmark event being adopted and implemented by both federal and state governments and private agencies. AIHS has been at the forefront of advocating integrity processes in the built environment in general and construction industry in particular and is set to do it again.

Activate your Dreams!
Boost your Business!
Chart History!

Join us LIVE at the AIHS 2022 at the iconic ICC, Abuja!

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